The Words We Use Draw Lines

                  Telling people which words to use is tricky at best, and rude and insensitive at worst. At a very young age we choose the words we use and the way we speak to emulate and impress those we find important. It starts with parents and siblings, and changes to our friends and groups with which we want to identify. When you correct someone you are not only criticizing the speaker, but all the people he/she emulates, including parents, siblings, and friends. Words are an important part of who we are. As… Read More

Eggs & Bacon

My college years were a period of enormous personal growth for me. Not only was I starting the foundation for what would later become my future career, but I was also faced with the decision of what type of person I wanted to become both personally and professionally. While this transition into adulthood wasn’t easy, my journey into adulthood would have been significantly more difficult had I never met Dawn. Dawn was not only a dear friend, but is one of my greatest mentors in life. Dawn’s impact shaped the person I… Read More

Get a Life!

You, the reader, should not take this negatively; what I mean is: make your life meaningful, interesting, and even ENVIABLE! A moment from past training often crosses my mind regarding this topic; Dr. Tom Pomeranz often likes to stir up feelings within us and give us a different perspective when thinking about our lives and the lives of the people we support. “Do you have an enviable life? Do the people you support have an enviable life?” Often times, the answer is NO! Well, there is no time like the present to… Read More

The Support Provider’s Role in Reducing Abuse

We are encouraging passive participation in safety from the men and women who most need to take an active role. As a company that supports people with developmental disabilities, abuse and neglect is an important issue, and something we take very seriously. I have no doubt that other agencies share our concern. With all this concern, a surprisingly high number of people with disabilities are abused at some time in their life. Reports suggest that as many as 83% of women and 32% of men with disabilities are victims of sexual assault.*… Read More